Update: Cisco Backs New School for Reading East

News has been released today that CISCO has joined the list of backers for the new secondary school.  You can read more on Rob Wilson MP’s site

My original article is here

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Sikh New Year Celebration

Over a thousand people took part in this year’s procession from the Sikh Temple in Cumberland Road through Park Ward.

Both of Reading’s Members of Parliament, Rob Wilson & Alok Sharma were there, as were several of my councillor friends.

It started with traditional displays, then prayers, before the procession set off towards Cemetery Junction and up Wokingham Road.

Alok, Rob & me

I caught up with many friends including Mr Chema, Mr Vig & his niece, Mr Bal and Mr Hargun. 

The atmosphere was excellent with the drums, music & singing, there was plenty of action with the dancing & sword fighting displays.
The Sikh people were extremely generous, Shenai Restaurant was one of the many businesses offering everybody sweets, vegetarian food and drinks. 
The collection was for the  ABF Soldiers Charity which has been going for 66 years.  If you missed the collection bucket, you can contribute on line!
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Maiden Erlegh Academy

As a result of Maiden Erlegh (ME) becoming an academy the day after WBC’s Executive decided the school admissions, any objections need to be sent to The Young People’s Learning Agency (YPLA), who work on behalf of the Secretary of State.

The YPLA oversees the admissions of Academies, including ME’s.

To the right is a copy of the letter I’ve hand delivered to households giving my advice on what grounds parents might object.

Please note objections need to be received before 30 June 2011.

I hope you find the information helpful.  If you move your cursor onto the letter and left click, it should open in a separate window at a readable size.

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A Wonderful Wedding!

Congratulations to our future King & Queen!

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Update on Green Waste Collections

Further to my last post on green waste collections, I have learned that Labour controlled Oxford are introducing a green waste charge of £35 per annum.  Reading’s charge of £22.50 therefore is considerably cheaper.

I have read Reading Labour’s pledge to “review the green bin fiasco” (page 2 Labour’s manifesto).  They have omitted to say whether they agree with their Labour colleagues in Oxford and would want to raise the charge to £35.  They have failed to commit to scrapping charging the scheme.

It makes you think!  Have a look at this

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Recycling Batteries – New Kerbside Collections

Stop your batteries going into landfill!

I hope you are making use of the newly introduced kerbside collection of batteries. 

All you have to do on recycling collection day is put your batteries in a see-through plastic bag on top of your red wheelie bin.  The refuse lorries now have a container on the side specially for batteries.

Remember, the chemicals in batteries are extremely bad for the environment.  That is why the Conservative-led Council is making it easier for you to do the right thing and stop batteries going into landfill.

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Campaigning with James Elles MEP

Lucy, Azam, James, Me, Nigel, Isobel & Liz

On Thursday afternoon I was joined on my campaign trail by James Elles MEP, as well as fellow Councillors Azam Janjua & Isobel Ballsdon. 

This photo is taken with Newtown resident Nigel Quelsh who was very keen to show his support for my campaign.

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Reading Conservatives Launch Local Election Manifesto

My friend and colleague Richard Willis has blogged today about the launch of our Group’s Local Election Manifesto. 

You can read his post here  and our Manifesto here.

For a complete contrast you may like to compare it with Reading Labour’s Manifesto which you can read here.  As a friend pointed out to me who has, unlike me, bothered to read Labour’s “fact-less, laughable, rubbish” I take no responsibility for what they have written!  Instead I am making your life easier by putting both in one place.

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Out with Rob Wilson MP

Mini Mouse with Rob & me

This evening I was joined by Rob for my last session of the day.  We met a lovely little girl and her mother, Tanya.  Nicole had spent a lot of the day playing happily in the garden in her bright pink Mini Mouse dress.  After a quick clean up Nicole was all ready for her photo!

It was another good session meeting lots of people.  I’d like to thank Rob and all those helping me with my re-election campaign, particularly my wife who is a tremendous support.

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Labour’s London Road Blockage is No More!


Red line marks where the build-out used to be

Lots of you have been telling me how much better travelling from Park Ward into the centre of Reading is now that London Road’s “build-out” near the Royal Berkshire Hospital has been taken out.  No longer do you have to be in the centre lane to get past it, which caused a completely pointless tail-back, extra noise as well as pollution in the area.

This is one of many common-sense changes brought in by my Conservative-led administration headed by my colleague Richard Willis, the Lead Councillor for Transport.  Richard has been relishing getting rid of Labour’s obsession of bringing traffic to a halt when it simply didn’t need to. There is much more to be done but this is a very good start.

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