Vote Green: Get Labour

Greens have announced today they are going to deliver a Labour administration.  Rob White is going against his promise to support the current Deputy Mayor Cllr Jenny Rynn.  Instead Rob White has now pledged support to Labour’s last-minute candidates for Mayor and Deputy Mayor.  See GetReading’s report here

To gain their 2nd Park Ward seat earlier this month, the Greens told residents to vote Green to keep Labour out.  When my party put out a leaflet stating “locally the Green Councillor normally just votes with Labour so vote Green get Red”, Rob White responded on Facebook that it was all lies.  White might have conveniently forgotten his voting record, but we hadn’t.  Sadly he’s confirmed we were right

Vote GREEN get RED

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2 Responses to Vote Green: Get Labour

  1. Steve says:

    I don’t think this is strictly accurate – you might like to check what the Greens actually said.

  2. wazirhussain says:

    Steve, you werent there. Rob White went back on his word. He did not tell his party what he had promised. They made a decision without hearing all the facts.

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