Consultation: Some roads for weekly collections?

Missed collections create stink & risk vermin

Also at last night’s Cabinet meeting there was a report on streets suffering ongoing problems with the fortnightly collections Labour introduced a few years ago.

When the Conservative/Lib Dem coalition formed 10 months ago, one key priority was “to introduce weekly refuse collections in priority areas in a phased programme in consultation with residents.”

Officers used criteria to identify priority roads.  Having worked with Sun Street residents (who have frequently had missed bin collections) and the Refuge Collection service I was delighted that this is one of the 5 roads in my Ward that met the criteria.  The others are:  Cholmeley Place, Cholmeley Terrace, Regent Street and Woodstock Street.

It is important to note that wheelie bins would be retained to store the bagged waste until collection day, but before that residents will be asked whether they are happy to return to weekly collections and, as long as the majority of their road agrees, then the Coalition Council will bring back weekly refuse collections. 

Update: Read my colleague Richard Willis’ post which rubbishes Labour’s lies

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