New School on Horizon for East Reading

The lack of school places inherited from when Labour ran Reading Borough Council is being tackled by our local MP Rob Wilson.  I haven’t been able to share any details with you until now.

Reading University, Reading College/Oxford & Cherwell Valley College, and Reading School are backing Rob Wilson MP, as are both Wokingham and Reading Borough Councils, to develop a proposal to the Department for Education for a new school for East Reading.

As many Park Ward parents know all too well, currently a large proportion of the area’s children have to be educated in Wokingham Schools, but Reading doesn’t have control of Wokingham’s admissions policy.  I have been raising this with Rob and supporting moves he has made both within the local authority and with colleagues.  I am really pleased that plans to redress this lack of places in Reading are materialising.

The proposal is for a University School which will combine academic and technical studies for pupils aged between 11 and 19.  There will be a strong emphasis on both high standards of education and behaviour.  It will be in East Reading and have business sponsorship.

I see this as an excellent opportunity for the area’s youth to learn locally in an aspirational school which will prepare them for further and higher education and for a career.  I know there will be discussions with parents and I will be posting further with more details in due course.

East Reading desperately needs high quality school places and I will continue working closely alongside Rob to make this a reality.

Update: I can confirm that a major sponsor is Microsoft

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