Safety Concerns in St Peter’s Road

I’m writing this in the hope that parents will be more considerate when driving to drop off and collect their children attending Earley St Peter’s Primary School.

Last Friday Hareese, a student at Maiden Erlegh, was walking back home along St Peter’s Road.  He slipped, his foot went over the kerb into the road and was run over by a car.  The driver stopped and was very sorry.  Hareese sprained his left ankle but was lucky not to be hurt more badly.  His ankle has been very swollen and he has had to use crutches.

Some parents are thoughtless in their rush to get to school and forget about pedestrians and residents.  Some parents block driveways and show complete disregard for anyone else.  What gives them the right to stop a resident from getting off to work?  The pavements in St Peter’s Road are narrow and if drivers are forced to weave in and around badly (and often illegally) parked cars this makes it very dangerous for anyone on the pavement, particularly small children.  Parents need to stop and think: It could be their child who is knocked down!  They need to park legally: why not park in Sol Joel, I know it is a little further to walk, but just think how bad you would feel if you seriously hurt a child.

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