Further Improvements: Palmer Park Stadium’s Car Park

Before the hedge was extended (above) and John, Isobel & me finishing it (below)

As most Park Ward residents will probably be aware, in Autumn 2010 Reading’s local Conservative/Lib Dem Coalition carried out improvement works to Palmer Park Stadium’s car park.  The area has been enlarged and re-surfaced making access easier for Park, Gym and Stadium users.

Following concern from two Palmer Park Avenue residents, I asked officers if the hedging along the side of the tarmac could be continued and if I could help do this to obscure the car park thereby making it a more attractive frontage.  I believe that a balance can be had between improving the frontage to Palmer Park Avenue whilst retaining a view above the hedge of people in the car park to deter any criminal activity.

Last week some Community payback team workers did the preparatory works.  This morning John (one of the two local residents who had asked me if the hedge could be extended) helped my colleague Cllr Isobel Ballsdon & me together with Julian from the Parks Department, finish off the planting.  Thank you to them all again for helping me!

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