Footway & Verge Parking Policy

Residents often complain about thoughtless pavement parking preventing them from using the pavement and forcing them onto the road.  Often it will be the more vulnerable who cannot squeeze between the car and the edge of the pavement: a wheelchair-bound person or someone pushing a young child in a buggy or someone with a sight impairment.  Parking with two wheels on the pavement or verge is illegal, however at the moment it is not enforced.

Local councillors in Reading were asked a number of months ago to put forward the names of roads too narrow in their Wards for this enforcement.  Officers are to check the width of roads listed.  If appropriate, the roads will be excluded from the enforcement area.  One example that I have put forward is Liverpool Road in Newtown.  The photo is of Hamilton Road which I have asked officers to look at too, though the solution might be different.  Several residents have complained to me that they have been forced to walk on the road, with others saying that emergency vehicles have been blocked by vehicles parked in their way.

As you know there are several roads in Park Ward that are so narrow that if cars didn’t park half on the pavement, they would block traffic.  To ensure I haven’t missed any roads off my list I would be very grateful if residents would email me any roads they are concerned about.  It is absolutely essential that emergency vehicles have easy access to all roads, and of course nobody wants the side of their parked vehicle damaged by passing traffic.

Do drop me an email

You can read the report going to this week’s Transport Management Advisory Panel (TMAP) here:  TMAP report on pavement parking

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